She Sings So Much Like Elvis, If You Close Your Eyes And Listen You Can’t Tell The Difference

Elvis would definitely be proud.

Elvis Presley was such a big act that till now, thousands of his impersonators still walk the Earth. Al you have to do is take a walk down the Las Vegas strip, and there is no way you won’t come across at least one impersonator. Just take a stroll off the strip and you’ll even be able to find some of his impersonators who will try marrying couples.

While thousands of people all around the world have made it their mission to impersonate the late King of Rock and Roll, the voice of the original has always been considered impossible to mimic.

Until now, that is.

When an 11 year old girl from Oslo, Norway got on a stage to give a rendition the audience immediately got ecstatic when she announced the song that she was about to sing. The song was a classic by Elvis.

The name of the girl is Angelica Jordan and because she is such a great singer, she was able to make it to the stage of a talent show in Norway. However, her performance is now going international because Elvis remains loved by almost everyone on the face of the planet.

Angelica has been an international star ever since she first took the stage at a singing competition when she was 8 years old. She graced TTV stations in both the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as Norway (well, of course) and other cities all over the world.

Angelina took the stage at the popular Fredriksten Fortress in Halden. During that performance, she decided to give her singing skills a real challenge when she announced that she would be singing a classic tune by Elvis Presley.

We all know the song. It’s the Elvis evergreen track known as “It’s Now or Never”

However, when Angelica picked the microphone up and put it to her mouth she had a real treat for everyone present there.

Since she was a preteen singer, everyone there expected that she would deliver a rendition of the song that reflected her age and perceived range. However, Angelica was not in the mood to compromise the song just because of what was so easy for her to do.

Rather, she delivered the popular lyrics of the song in such a way that sounded just like the late King of Rock and Roll himself would have delivered it.

Due to the fact that she didn’t change anything about the song just so that it could fit her needs, Angelica proved that she was an international singing sensation that should definitely be reckoned with.

As Angelic sang at the Fredriksten Fortress, the crowd was completely blown away by her performance. They loved every minute of it, as the classic Elvis tune came out of the mouth of a little girl who had so much love and passion for music.

Although she is a sensation whose fame is now worldwide, Angelica remains just a normal girl. She is a student at the Oslo Waldorf School, and she participates in an after-school program that is hosted by the Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts. You can just imagine how much attention she is being given to perfect her voice and performance acumen.

Angelica might have had a few big breaks in her life, but she definitely worked hard to earn them all. She is a performer, and she will like to share her talents with the rest of the world.

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